"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, September 30, 2013

Yahoo for Extra Long Newsy Letters

Well hola familia,
I want to apologize again for the short email from last week. Apparently I'm not computer savy. Sorry Dad... I made sure to email you first this week.
Thank you! I'll look for it! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BATMAN TOWEL AND THE PUZZLE AND THE BRACELETS AND THE JUNIOR MINTS AND THE STRESS TALK AND THE PICTURE OF CARTER!!! I love my towel, we already completed the puzzle (managed to lose a piece some how. Sad day.) I can't wear the bracelets but I made one and it's hanging on my bag. The Junior Mints didn't make it very well but they are currently in my freezer, a big frozen blob of minty deliciousness and the picture of Carter is on my desk right next to the picture of me and Hermana Edwards.
I LOVED the broadcast, but more on that later.
I can't believe Carter is almost 12. And out of Primary. Bleh. I'm old.
It's kind of crazy all of the small connections that you can find in the world if the Lord wants you to do something. It's just like the homemade bread story from the broadcast. Speaking of which, can you send me that recipe in the next email? Thanks!
In the duatholon they ran and biked. We got yelled at for cheering because we were standing on a street corner at 7:30 in the morning, cheering on the racers, making them laugh and all that good stuff. Apparently the guy in one of the houses was trying to sleep. Oops.
I only had the heart monitor for a day. I still haven't heard anything so it must of not been anything serious. I have been having some chest pain but just the normal pain I've been having over my entire life. No big deal. I am trying to eat healthy.
I glad you enjoyed mine and Hermana Fogg's adventures. I miss her.
And now my week:
Monday- I already apologized for my email. That was all I had written down for that day.
Tuesday- We picked up two new investigators! Again! It's a young family again with two little girls. Their neighbor,B, who we've been trying to get a hold of since I got here we were able to finally sit down with. We were planning on giving him a harvesting blessing but instead we just answered all his questions. He had lots. And we pretty much just gave him a watered down version of all three lessons. He wants to go to the English ward though so we had to hand him off. But out of all of our investigators we've picked up in the last two weeks (7) 5 have been from that trailor park. We're just going to convert the whole neighborhood, apparently. Also, Hermana O knitted me this beautiful shawl. It's gold. And smells like Mems. I thought that was funny. Unfortunately Sonia and Francisco dropped us. But they weren't ready apparently. Seed planted, only time can tell now.
Wednesday- I didn't have anything written down... so apparently nothing interesting happened...
Thursday- We went and visited Hna. E who is a less active that just moved here a few weeks ago and wants to come back to church. We were going to share with her a scripture, but after talking to her for a bit we decided she needed a harvesting blessing, so we left her with one. She's going through a really rough time. She might lose her house beause she can't pay for rent.
Friday- 6 months!!! And I got sick, so we didn't do much. Oops. Nothing serious, just a really bad headache and tummy ache.
Saturday- Saturday we dropped of some food at Hna. E. She doesn't know it was us. She's asked a couple times, we've denied. Silent act of service and all... except now she won't eat the food because it could be posioned. Back fired. So we're trying to find a member who can take the blame. At the broadcast we had a dinner. It was super fun! But apparently we have some jokesters in our branch... I was turned around, talking to one of the members I met on exchanges and when I turn back to my food, it was replaced by someone elses... I look around the table to find that Hna. Cuevas, the branch president's wife has my food. Apparently it was Hna. Urena's idea. I also saw Sister M!! She's serving in Redlands now but because our zone split she isn't in my zone. But we're in the same stake. We sat next to eachother during the broadcast which was good. I really liked all the talk about convenant keeping and prayer. After, Sister M and I were talking and I guess she's going through a really rough time. I tried to help in any way I could but I'm still really worried about her.
Sunday- WE FINISHED THE PUZZLE!!! And on church on Sunday, in relief society, Hna. Bates and I had to step out for a bit. I came back, sat down, then all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and Hna. Urena asking me for a pencil. I reach down under my chair for my bag and it's gone. Hna. Urena is a food/bag thief. It was funny. We also had a mission fireside with President and Sister Van Cott for the whole stake. It was awesome. The biggest thing I remember was that President was talking to the area 70 and I guess he had just gotten off of a video conference with L. Tom Perry and Russell M. Nelson (totally casual, no big deal kind of a thing) and they said that the Lord wants to come, we're just not ready. Oh dear. No pressure missionaries.
Well! That's everything!!
I hope all is well in Iowa land!
Much love,
Hna. Myers

Sunday, September 29, 2013

From the Not So Long Letter She Promised Us

So this week was fun.  We had 3 less active at church! We're picking up V's husband as an investigator on Tuesday and we started teaching an awesome family on Sunday.  We're pretty excited.  I also ran into an old tech class buddy on Saturday.  It was weird, but fun.  We helped at the Stake Duathalon together.  I'm going to try to send pictures next week but I haven't had much luck with the computers here.


Oh year, we go yelled at for cheering at the duathalon.  Grumpy guss. . .

Well. . . Now I feel bad because I don't have anything to say. . . Sorry :(

Love you,
Hna. Myers

PS My only jeans now have a hole in the butt.  Can you either send more or put some in $ in so I can go to Goodwill.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sounds Concerned about Herself but Excited About Those She is Teaching

Before I get into the weekly report, I realized, Mother, that I do not know your conversion story. Please send in next email.
Matthew's going to Redlands.(Her cousin is opening his call Wednesday, she is hoping he goes to Redlands with her) I can't believe Kara's going to Bolivia! (Kara is a recent convert in our branch) She's going to be amazing!!
We'll have to look for the ant stuff. Thanks! Our apartment's supposed to get sprayed today too so hopefully that'll help a lot.
Yes, transfers were today. I am in fact staying in Redlands with Hermana Bates. Our branch missionaries are all the same but apparently our boundaries are changing. I don't know what that means.
I did(go to the Beaver Medical Center). It was just to sort out the insurance information and pay the copay. I got my heart monitor today so it's uncomfortable and bulky, thanks for asking :).
So I don't really know what's going on with my stress level. I don't get stressed. I don't feel any more stressed than I did at school but I'm more bipolar-esque. Nothing serious, I just realized today I was super happy, and then I found out about transfers and was really disappointed and haven't gotten over that quite yet. I also sometimes have a lack of motivation, which I do when  I'm at home too, it's just more noticable now because I need to be doing missionary work all the time and I can't really take a day off. I don't know if it is stress. It could be. Like I said, I don't really get stressed but I do kind of surpress stress.... So I don't know if it's catching up with me or what. I don't know what's going on. I'm hoping this whole heart monitor thing with tell me what's going on. As for right now the only thing I can think of that you can do would be to keep praying for me and loving and supporting me. I think part of it is I just need to find a new way to destress. I can't shut myself in my room with my laptop and listen to music/watch movies all day and take shower naps anymore. A Batman towel will probably help thought :). Thank you, by the way.
As far as the package for next week, whatever tickles your fancy. I'll appreciate everything :).
Sorry, I'm kind of running short on time but our families are still progressing! Josh came to church! He's the oldest Ortiz boy. And Soledad did too! Alma came to the talent show, which was awesome, but wasn't at church... and Viridiana was out of town. But we're going to start teaching her and her husband the lessons so we now have a potential investigator. Also, Soledad's boyfriend, Alma's husband, and Hermana Mora's "esposo" are all potentials. So we have the potential for 4 weddings and 4 baptisms all in one day. We'll see how that goes.
Let me know where Matthew gets called!!!
Can you believe it's already been 6 months? Phew!
Much love,
Hermana Myers

Monday, September 9, 2013

Do What is Right Let the Consequence Follow!

Well. I'm still alive. Thanks for asking :).
I have not yet sent the package. I have yet to go to the post office. Or find the post office...(she had said she would send home some clothes and memory cards and I wanted to make sure that they hadn't been lost)
I haven't been drinking any caffeinated pop. At all. I have ginger ale for when my tummy hurts so unless Canada Dry all of a sudden has caffeine... it shouldn't matter because I don't drink it that much. The doctor thinks it's stress. Who would've guessed. A mission, stressful? Naw. That can't be it.
So. Turns out the no maxi skirt rule doesn't exist as far as I can find it.  I don't remember where I read it. Maybe in my call packet... I don't know. But I should be good on skirts though, so it doesn't really matter. But thank you for thinking of me. Maybe when I get home.
WHICH REMINDS ME! 6 month mission birthday coming up in 3 weeks. No big deal. Feel free to send goodies ;).
So my week was pretty darn awesome!
Monday-We deep cleaned the apartment... and the ants are back. Merg. Any tricks? Hermana Wollor thinks it's because we're not closing our food correctly, but I shouldn't need to be finding cereal in the fridge because Hermana Santiago is scared the ants are going to get it. And I should be able to leave a plate of baked goods out over night covered tightly in aluminum foil and not have to worry about it. It's ridiculous. We just want to try everything before we resort to getting sprayed.
Tuesday- The day started off a little rough. We got dropped by Erica who, we thought, had a lot of potential but such is life. Apparently she's too busy to save her soul, but when she's ready. We also tried to do some contacting. We picked up and dropped an investigator in one day. It was interesting. She was on our potentials list (oh yeah, her name's Alicia) and so we went and we tried to set up an appointment to come back. She just let us in so we got all excited and started teaching the first lesson. She kept getting off subject about God and we really weren't feeling it so we ended a little early and politely asked to come back. As we were walking away Hermana Bates made the comment that they found her back when she was new and had so much hope and thought that anyone that wanted to talk about God had boatloads of potential. Alicia wasn't ready, so we moved on. We went and visited the Ortiz's and they fed us some yummy tacos. It was awesome. We shared a little message with them and were on our way.
Wednesday- TEMPLE!!!! Mind=blown.(For those who have not been to the temple, there is a new film which does not change anything we learn in the temple but it is presented in a way that help me and I am guessing Hermana Myers better understand the principles and message taught there.  We are also promised that we will be "endowed with power from on high" which is not the power of the world but of God and that is how and why Mind=blown. Other words would be fulness of joy.) I love me some temple trips. I wish we could go more. After the temple we went and visited Hermana Urenia. She's a hoot. And Hermana Ortiz's younger sister. I don't know if I told you, but everyone in our branch is related. It's ridiculous. But Hermana Urenia is the only active member of her family. She's great. We went over and visited with her and shared a brief message. She invited us over for make-your-own-pizza on Sunday! We were super duper excited. She wants to start doing lunch with us every Sunday. She also says that she liked missionaries before but there's something special about us. We win :).
Thursday- I went to urgent care. It was fun. I got blood taken, got an EKG, and an x-ray. I was also sitting right there when the lady called about our insurance. That was weird. (Someone called me about our insurance while Hermana Chloe was right there. I wanted to ask her to pass the phone to Hermana Myers so badly too but knew Hermana Myers didn't want to break any rules.) It was for my heart. So far, they didn't find anything but she's going to put me on a 24 hour halter monitor sometime this week. So that's exciting. She thinks it's mostly just stress. Weeeeee.
Friday-Oh my goodness. Friday was super duper crazy. Like, soap opera crazy. I won't go into a whole lot of detail because it's not really my business, but we went and visited Viridiana (sister #1) in the morning. Pretty much, family issues and she cried on our shoulders a little and we offered any help we could. Then we went to Soledad (sister #2) in the afternoon. We walk in and she starts telling us about how they're being kicked out and they have no money at all and cries on our shoulders, we offered any help we could. THEN we went and visited the Ortiz family. Nothing dramatic happened in their family, thank goodness, but it was Hermano Ortiz's birthday (oops) but we brought them an anchor made out of rice crispy treats (which apparently don't exist in hispanic culture) and shared a little lesson and tried to get out before we invaded on family time. But they made us stay for cake and singing. Okay, if we must. Then we played a game with them and they all really came out of their shells. It was awesome! THEN they asked us to come back. That has never happened before. Ever.
Saturday- We went and visited the Ortiz's again. She offered to knit us both these beautiful lap blankets she makes. Again, never has happened. EVER. We're super excited! All our hard work is starting to pay off! And now for the big news: SONIA IS READING IN THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! WITH FRANCISCO!!! AAAAHHHH!!! And they're enjoying it and she's teaching him what she knows and then she comes to us with questions. Ah! It's so exciting!!
Sunday- Soledad came to church!!! with her boyfriend and four of her kids! I have no clue when the last time she went to church was but Hermana Urenia (not Carmen Urenia that says we're special, Maria who's Carmen's mother-in-law even though they're the same age. Yeah. Everyone's related. And the Urenia story is a good one for another day. Oh yeah. The Urenia family [Antonio and Maria] have been in the branch since in began with the Curiel's and the Rodriguez's...) was super surprised when she(Soledad) showed up and told us, and I quote, "Is that Soledad? (extremely confused voice) They're in your area, right? (looks at us with big eyes and smiles, gives us a thumbs up) Good job!" Yeah. We're awesome. Unfortunately, no one else came to church... but that was quite an accomplishment and I am happy. And sadly, Hermana Urenia canceled pizza. But that's okay. Soledad came to church.
Yes. I think that's it. It's be crazy. And exciting. And no wonder I have stress, my life is pretty much like watching a live soap opera. I love me some missionary work!
Hope all is well in Iowa. Remember: a Batman towl makes an awesome 6 month birthday gift. (She just won't let that go)
Hermana Myers

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

She Is Really Getting Into the Work!

I am not supposed to talk to Hermana Myers about how much time she has left but a year from this month she will be coming home and I just can't believe how fast it has gone already and how much growth I have seen.  I really think she is in the mission groove, oh she still likes to have fun but her fun is with bringing member and non-member closer to Christ, that brings her the most joy.  We are happy she is doing as she should.

Enough of the babbling mama on to the main event, Hermana Myers letter:

First off: I'd like to explain my pictures. We had a car appreciation day this week as in we walked everywhere. The first is how I feel about car appreciation day, the second is how I feel after car appreciation day, and the third was when it rained and I got to use my umbrella for the first time. That was super exciting.

Second: Where did August go? I can't believe it's already September!
Sorry about the whole money thing. I promise to do better. (We realized she was spending an extra $150/ month from her personal account and asked if she could try to keep it at $100 or less. And what a kind answer, this shows some real growth too.)

Just so you know, I was having some interesting sensations with my heart on Sunday. It had been happening for the last few weeks, about once every few days so I didn't think anything of it, but then on Sunday it was a constant thing to the point where it was getting hard for me to breath. So I called Sister Davis(the mission nurse) and Sister Van Cott(mission president's wife). When I talked to Sister Davis on Monday, I was feeling fine but she said that she was going to try to get me into a family health clinic to make sure I'm not dying because my heart is kind of important... but to call her if I have problems again and get to Urgent Care. I have not had problems and am still waiting to see if I have an appointment or not.

I did get the package. Just in time too. 

I talked to one of the members in the English branch that knows you from the missionary moms blog. I don't remember what her name was, but she knows the Borrowmans(Hermana Myers's former roommate's family)!

Something I forgot from past weeks is I ate cueritas (sp?). It's pickled pork skin. Not bad but probably will never eat it again.

On Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with Sonia(she is the investigator with a husband who is faithfully Catholic). We taught the Plan of Salvation with Hermana Cuevas (our branch president's wife) and it was crazy awesome. Like, I don't even know how to describe it. But at the end, I promised her that if she read a little in the Book of Mormon every day that her husband would be ready to go to church with her by the end of September. And Hermana Bates said after that when I said that the Spirit confirmed that it will happen. She just has to do her part. We'll find out how that's going tonight.

Wednesday was our car appreciation day. I think my pictures tell enough about that.
Thursday was rough from walking 5 miles the day before so we were pretty dead. It was a easy day though. We just went over to a member's house and shared a message with them. We also got in with the Curiels who we have been trying for the last few weeks to get in with. We talked to Soledad (who we've been kind of focusing on), her dad who's name escapes me other than Hermano, and Viridiana. Viridiana we had talked to a few times before and she likes us so that was awesome. But they were all there and it was great. Our WML's wife came with us and I guess they all go way back so it went really well. We're hoping to get them back to church.

My last little tid bit is just a retoric question. Why do people answer the door when they're in the shower? It happened to us twice within 24 hours. Goodness. I'd rather just get ignored. ( I remember having a guy answer the door in his underwear when I was a missionary and my companion and I had all we could do not to split a gut laughing. Once again the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

TEMPLE TOMORROW!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! I'm super excited.

Well. I think that's it.

Love you,
Hermana Myers