"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, November 18, 2013

Who Could Ask For More?

As her mom I am overwhelmed with the gratitude I feel for all she is becoming and especially how she is not afraid to follow the Spirit, including her little "input to her dad."  Hermana Myers knows nothing of the going ons in our branch her, she is in a branch in CA and felt inclined by the Spirit to add that for her dad.  For me it shows the Lord's love for Hermana Myers, in being the instrument in the Lord's hands, and His love for Ken and our branch in the advice.  "By small and simple things comes that which is great."
Dear Family,
That's what I was planning on doing (Fast Grad, that is) but I think I need 60 credits first. I don't know if because I'll be going right back in the fall which is my track anyway if I can still go to the winter semester, but I'd like to do that if at all possible. Do we know what we're doing for that Christmas trip yet? I think skiing could be interesting... but I might die, being used to warm and all that. I'm good with the beach too. Or just whatever we decide to do will be fun, let's be honest here.
Congrats Carter! You're just one away from being an Eagle Scout now, right?
My little input to Dad: Please don't give any of the members a reason to blame you for stop coming to church. We have less-actives in our Branch that say that they don't come to church because they feel like the branch president doesn't love them or because something the branch president did. I understand that sometimes you have to go against what people want because it's not really in line with what the Church teaches, but outside of that please do all you can so they don't have you as an excuse. Talk to everyone, make them feel loved, invite them over for dinner. Take Carter with you to go visit them. I don't know if you're already doing that, and if so, good job! But yeah. Just be awesome.
This week we had a "comp. inventory" except is wasn't the normal kind where we talk about our strengths as a companionship then talk about our weaknesses and blah blah blah. We sat down and talked about what we wanted to happen in this area and what we needed to do so it would happen. We decided the best way to approach it is to get the branch unified through reactivation. Our plan is to go to all the members in our area and make sure that they have a Preach My Gospel, then talk to them about how missionary work is simply inviting. Then commit them to go and talk to someone who they don't know very well at church or go to someone's house who lives by and invite them over for lunch or something. Just try to get to know them. Then, the people who say that no one comes to visit them, when they come to church, they'll see all their friends there. There will be a sence of community and not a sense of coldness. We're excited!
We also had a huge mission conference on Saturday. It was awesome! I got to see all my favorite missionaries! I talked to Hermana Fogg and Bates. They're getting along really well so that's awesome! Anywho, I wish I remembered more about the conference but all my notes are at home. :(. It was cool though because President Van Cott invited all the stake presidents to come. 4 of them did, and Elder Hiam (sp?) (he's the area 70) came and talked to us about missionary work. It was great!
Confession: With all this excitement about missionary work going on, I'm a little scared to go home. I feel like I'll have more pressure to do missionary work when I'm not a full time missionary than when I am. We'll see how well I do :).
I hope everything's awesome in Iowa! Can you believe Thanksgiving is in a little over a week? Here's another mind blowing fact: the day before Thanksgiving is my 8 months in the field. I can't believe how quickly this is going!
Mucho amor!
Hermana Myers

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