"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, November 25, 2013

We are Thankful

Hola Familia!
It snowed in the mountains the other day. Does that count? It also got down to 49 degrees. Cold. I am enjoying my holidays so far. Me and Hermana Harris has some pretty fun/awesome plans for the Christmas season so fingers crossed we stay together for another transfer. I'm super looking forward to Skyping! Can you believe that's like, a month away? Whoa. And it's been 8 months.(I had said 7months in my email, oops) But who's counting?
Way to be a trouper Dad. I'm proud of you.(Ken had three teeth pulled on Wednesday, two of them wisdom teeth)
Yeah the Redlands temple isn't in my area but that's awesome that they were here!(Our friends from Shelbyville, IN, The Balls.  Brother Ball put in the security systems at the Redlands Temple) I think we're going sometime in December, if the math adds up correctly, but we haven't gotten the date yet so I'm not sure. It should be this next transfer though.
Is it weird that I did a little dance in the library when I read that Kara's ordering her garments and stuff today? (Another sister missionary from our branch getting ready to go out)I'm so darn excited for her.
I've been reading the Conference Ensign these last couple of weeks. I really liked Bishop Causse's talk from the Priesthood session. He actually spoke to us in the MTC. Anywho, I kind of laughed because everything he said about unity is what Hermana Harris and I said needed to happen when we started making our game plan for this area. I really just want to make copies and send them all to the members in the Relief Society.
Funny story: Last night we went over to the Ortiz's. Alex is a senior and is applying to colleges and everything so we've been telling him he needs to check out the BYUs because they'll be cheaper than anywhere he wants to go now. He hadn't yet and because his mom or dad weren't there to teach the lesson we had planned orginally, we decided to show him BYU and BYU-Idaho on the internet. It was fun!
Sorry this email and last were kind of lame sauce. I don't really know why I'm so bleh all of a sudden. I promise I'm still working hard and stuffs. :).
Mucho amor!
Hermana Myers

Her email came while I was on the computer so I sent this back:

Notice it came now!  Love you bunches and we love your letters even if we don’t hear every detail.  We can tell by what and how you write that you are working hard! Keep going strong!
Love, Mama

Then she sent a quick note back:
Thanks Mom!
AH BEFORE I FORGET!!! Can you send the recipe for puppy chow and chex mix? I'm such a loving person and shared my puppy chow and chex mix with my companion and roommates so those two little bags(a quart size and gallon size) weren't enough for four girls. We want more!

I sent the recipes, grateful they were all typed on my recipe blog, and said this:
That might be a great things to make to give to members and nonmembers for a little holiday gift!  Just a thought!

This is what I got back:

I'm not that loving...
Just kidding! We'll see what we can do!

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