"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, August 19, 2013

She's Safe and Happy

Oh yeah. That picture is me on Michigan St. Out here in Redlands a lot of the streets are named after states so Hermana Bates and I have made it our mission to take a picture with all thes states we've lived in. So far, we have Michigan, but we know where Iowa, Idaho, and Indiana are so I'm covered. They don't have a Queretaro street...
(Saturday about 4 oclock in the afternoon a nice lady from the Redlands Community Hospital called. She asked if I was Lydia. I said no this was her mom and she then asked if you were doing ok after your visit to the emergency room on Thursday. I explained that I was in Iowa and you were serving a mission for our church in CA. I asked if it was due to your shot. She didn't have a chart to know and she didn't mean to make me nervous, couldn't be that bad cause you were discharged!!!!! We are all waiting to find out all the details!)

So first off. I sent you a little letter explaining the emergency room. Basically I was directed there to get my shot and then they couldn't give it to me because, well, it's an emergency room and they don't carry it. So I'm all out of ideas for that darn shot.

Some essentials I need for my box, please: cold cream, astringent, and contact solution. You're dah best.

SO my week. First off, you should be very proud of me. Hermana Bates and I went to Goodwill and bought tennis rackets so we can play in the morning. And I found a thuper cute skirt. I will also be sending a package home, hopefully next week, of all the clothes I don't want right now but would like for after the mission when I can really start wearing layers again :).

On Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator Sonia. She's super ready to be baptized, there's just one problem. Her husband, Fransisco, is extremely comfortable in his Catholic beliefs and doesn't want to get baptized and Sonia doesn't want her family split. BUT we talked to her about the Restoration and she loved it. We talked about the Book of Mormon and just how important it was and the Spirit was super strong. There were parts in the lesson though, that we felt like we may of overloaded her... but the Spirit was there nontheless. And then she gave us a tour of her house. She's great.

Wednesday started off interesting. We went to contact a referral given to us by the English elders. When we got there, the mom and aunt were the only ones home but they wanted the harvest blessing so we did it anyway. I decided to do it and about 30 seconds in, the mom, Maria, gets up and says she'll be right back. Then she comes in and starts talking about the evil spirits that are in her son's girlfriend's room because she believes in Buddha and has pictures of ugly monkeys on her wall that she worships... if you have a confused look on your face, which I imagine you do, imagine hearing all of that in Spanish. Needless to say, we were a little shocked. Hermana Bates decided to agree to whatever it was she was saying about praying away the evil spirits so then after the blessing, we went into the room and she (Hermana Bates) said a prayer. Then we got out of there as soon as we could. It was a fun experience that I'd rather not relive.

So remember that lesson I was telling you about with how we're planning on kicking our branch into gear with missionary work? We finally planned the whole thing out and started giving it on Thursday. The whole idea is missionary work and charity and if we have charity, then we want to serve everyone, not just our friends or the nonmembers but the members too (and that's when we would talk about the people that are less active) and we would leave them with the commitment to go and visit someone who is less active and let them know we miss them. It was great. We gave our first lesson on Thursday to Hermana Calderon. She got really excited and said that if we ever need someone to come out with us, we could call her. So that was exciting!

We also had dinner at our branch president's house on Thursday. Aparently they have coyotes out there that eat chihuahuas... Muahahaha. I don't like chihuahuas. But we make jokes now about whenever we go to the Cueva's we need to bring one as a sacrifice.

Friday was great. We were going strong with The Big One (that's what we call our lesson about missionary work) and we went and visited a member that hasn't been to church in 5 years. Her name is Alma. We took a different approach (obviously) as far as the visiting less actives. It was more along the lines of the fact that sometimes we may not have a specific calling, but that means our calling is to help support others in theirs and that we all have different things that are needed in the church and how much we needed her back in church. She unfortunately didn't come to church on Sunday, BUT when we went and visited her yesterday after church, she said that she made arrangements for next week with her husband so that she and her daughter could have the car so they could go to church. So she's at least on the path of coming back! Oh yes. Hermana Bates had a freaking epic fall too. We were getting into the car and as we were stepping off the curb, she suddenly disappeared. As I ran around the car laughing to see if she was okay, she was on all fours, laughing as well so I didn't feel as bad, and groping for the keys that flew under the car next to ours. It was an interesting situation. She ended up scraping up her knee pretty bad and her foot/ankle got pretty swollen. But we both laugh about it now.

On Friday we had three lessons. One with Olga, who's an investigator who's an interesting character. We gave her the Restoration lesson and she seemed super excited about it. We'll see where that goes. I can't really read her. She's a little out there and speaks in Spanglish and gets off subject a lot so this whole thing will be really interesting. We also had two lessons with members and we gave them The Big One. They're now excited about missionary work (we think) and ready to start helping so everything is moving along.

I also started keeping a little notebook about what blessings I had during the day. I'm not keeping up with it as much as I'd like, but I'll repent and try again.

The last thing is on Sunday in Relief Society, Hermana Wollor (I'm guessing another missionary) tried to tell everyone that a family moved. She said "movieron" instead of (I think) "mudaron... mudieron...modieron...modaron?" I didn't really hear what it was supposed to be but I know there's a D in there somewhere and I don't have my Spanish English dictionary...and as tempting as it is to look it up on Google, that is not a church approved site for missionaries.... BUT anyway, she said, "movieron" and everyone thought she said, "murieron"... so according to half of the Relief Society, that family died. Oops. That mistake was corrected right away, There's also a lady in our branch that served her mission in Spain, she's been in our branch since it started and has about 5 callings. But anyway, she reminds me of Charlotte Meyer. She's great, and really fun to watch be the Primary chorister (which is one of her many callings). She's great!

One more thing... we were walking back to the car on Sunday and Hermana Santiago stops and says, "What's that smell... it smells like a dude." (and it was just us sisters) I asked for clarification if it was in a good way or bad. She said good and I said it was probably me. To sooth her confused look I said, "I wear men's antipersperant because I sweated a lot in the desert and it works really well." She then proceeded to laugh at me. Good times :).

We're going to the temple on September 4th! Mine and Hermana Bate's 5 month birthday is on the 27th, which is a little crazy, and we have multizone conference on Wednesday. We shall see how that all goes. WOOT!!!

Much love,
Hermana Myers

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