"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wow, She Loves the Place and People Where She Serves

I did learn how to make tamales... kind of...(hopefully she will practice so she can teach me)
Oh. I get you about not coming out. I guess I didn't realize that was in the Church Handbook.(Church Handbook of Instructions, " The Church discourages parents from picking up missionaries.") Oh well. So Christmas Break 2014, Palm Desert, CA yeah? There's a LegoLand near by! That's aweseome that Sam is District Leader! And Mary started sending me her weekly emails plus we email each other anyway but I appreciate it because I don't usually have time to read the weekly email.
There is a reason it is called Palm Desert
So every P-Day we tend to hang out with the other sisters in our zone. Last Monday we were at their house and we had to leave some food there while we taught a lesson in Palm Desert (where they live). We went back to their apartment when they weren't there to pick up the food and also to take pictures on Sister M's camera... it was great.
On Tuesday we had a ZDM(guessing Zone District Meeting) that was pretty awesome. We were working on OYMs (Open Your Mouth, as in initiate a gospel conversation with someone.) and it was pretty much like an improv game. It made me happy. The last one there was about 6 elders all acting like a family having a BBQ when the ZLs(zone leader) had to OYM them. It was great.
On Wednesday we met President Van Cott. Get this: within a year, all of the responsible companionships will have an iPad and be able to use Facebook for missionary work. Jealous? I think it's weird but the work is hastening. We're also no longer accountable for OYMs. With the new look on missionary work, we're really focusing right now on visiting less actives and just members in general and teaching them lessons. It's pretty interesting in trying to teach someone to come closer to Christ instead of teaching to convert. Our purpose is to invite everyone to come unto Christ, but your teaching method changes a little if they're already a member.
On the Fourth we went to President Park's house for a BBQ. That's what most of my pictures are from. Elder Christensen was in charge of lighting the grill and getting the T.V. set up to watch Mormon messages. As you can see, he did a great job.
Now for the sad news. Hermana R got transfered to Fontana because she's allergic to severe climate changes so every time she walks into air conditioning, then into the heat, then back into air conditioning, she would get really sick. So that was bad. But yeah, we got about an hours notice to clean our apartment and get her packed so President Van Cott could come pick her up. That was interesting. That night Hermana F and I decided to have a little bit of Christmas. All day we were feeling sick anyway, so when we got home we just changed into our pajamas and watched Joy to the World(The Church's video about the birth of Christ). Now today our hangout session with the Sisters is Christmas, hot coco and all.
In case you were worried about me, don't be. Yesterday in Relief Society, they were passing our calender around to fill it out and one of the sisters, Hermana C says (in Spanish),"Now sisters, these girls' mothers trust us to take care of their daughters. Their mom's aren't here to feed them, we are. We need to take care of them." And a bunch of other sweet stuff about them being our temporary moms and all that jazz. It was cute. And now we have a full calender for dinners. Also, don't be affraid to give the Elders money sometimes. It's nice to be able to eat whatever you want, whenever and not have to worry about pleasing anyone with how much you eat.
My Spanish is starting to come along. If we only talk about Gospel related things, I do pretty well. I need to work on that conversational stuff... We'll see how that goes.
Much love,
Hermana Myers

Oh yeah, President P(the branch president) has a pet goat...

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