"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Very Newsy Handwritten Letter- Love it!

Wow this mission thing is really changing our Chloe. We hear from her more now than we ever did while she was at college!

Hola Familia!
     Sorry I've been kind of bad about hand written letters.  P-days fill up fast and I'm really starting to not enjoy them because of stress.  But I digress.
     The last few weeks have been a roller coaster between being sick,(yes I freaked a little but she explains in her email this week) Spanish, and just being a new missionary.  I'm proud of myself for surviving.  This week was actually pretty good.  On Monday we had a lesson with a lady  named M.  She's in her 50's and from Guatemala.  She's super sweet and was really interested in the Restoration.  The Spirit was so strong and it actually flowed really well.  I can see the progress Hermana F and I have made in our teaching.  There aren't as many awkward pauses because we don't know what to say.  We're more in tuned with the Spirit because we are not worrying (as much) about the language.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to get back with M. This is always the hardest.  We get in for a harvesting blessing, then for the first lesson, then after that they just stop being home.  I really hope that doesn't happen with her.
     Before I forget, I will be sending  back the Spanish/English dictionary.  Although I appreciate it, I now have 3.  So you will be receiving 2 and if you could send an English pocket dictionary, I could use it for when I start reading Jesus the Christ.  Also, could you send my sheet music for "Christmas Time is Here?" I think that's all the business stuff I forgot in my email.  Oh yeah, and if you could let me know my current account balance, I'd appreciate it. :)
   Our other investigator's name is J. She's also from Guatemala and speaks perfect English which is nice because we try to teach as much in Spanish as we can and if we don't know something, she helps us.  She's interesting because she's already religious so whenever we ask about prayers or reading the Book of Mormon, she gets defensive, especially about the Book of Mormon.  Not in a bad, like we insulted her defensive, just in a way that she wants us to know she does do it.  It's actually pretty endearing. We had a lesson with her on Thursday about prayer and on Saturday about the Restoration.  She seems really receptive so I'm excited to see her progress.  When we talked about the Book of Mormon I made sure that I stressed how important it was to read.  I'm excited to see if she did or not.  We left her Alma 36.  She seemed excited so we shall see.
    Our last investigators are actually a family.  They just recently lost their 10-year-old daughter.  I didn't catch how, or if they even said how, but we watched the Together Forever videos.  The members that were with us talked to them a lot more than we did which was a little frustrating because we didn't actually get to teach but we appreciated their enthusiasm.  I really wanted to talk to the mom about Sarah, but then I realized that I didn't really understand what was going on when she died so I actually have a favor to ask of you, Mom and Dad.  could you write a letter to her about how the Gospel helped you when you lost your baby daughter?  Her name is S.  if you just want to send it to me, I can give it to her and then she'll know who it is from.  I won't read them if you don't want me to though. But if you could do that I think it would help a lot.
     I think that's all I've got on the spiritual side of the mission.  I told Carter I'm reading the Book of Mormon and marking all the important scriptures to me right now and all the ones about how I can be a better missionary and I'm going to send it to him when I'm done.  The scripture he should put on his plaque is Alma 42:31.  I don't know why everyone complains about Alma.  It's long, but it's so good!

Hermana Myers

I can see the progress, can you?

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