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Monday, July 22, 2013

And I Thought the Fire Was on the Other Side of the Mountain

Just so you know, I currently look like an idiot because there is something in my eye and I can't get it out so only half of my face is crying in the middle of the library... anywho.
Couple things super duper quick before I forget:
I'm going to buy another memory card at Wal-Mart because the extra one I had only holds like, two pictures and it's lame. Plus I have videos that I really want to keep but are taking up all the room on my current memory card so I'll just keep one in my camera then send the other home so you can put all the stuff on the computer and send it back in time for the next.
 I want to be in Utah with the McCrackens and the Roundys! I didn't even know Ana Maria was pregnant! I'm out of the loop... I hope you're enjoying yourself. I actually had a dream the other day that you decided to come visit California but could never find me.
With transfers right around the corner, we're all a little anxious/dreading the change. Our zone is super tight. Like, super tight. It's so much fun. And I don't want anyone to leave or leave myself but at the same time, I wouldn't mind something new. It'll be interesting to see if me and Hermana Fogg are separated. People keep asking us what we're going to do. I have no idea.
I don't know if you heard anything on the news about the wildfires in southern California, but they were on the mountain range right next to Cat City. Super awesome pictures. A little scary though. Especially because we're the ones that live the closest to the mountains and everyone else lives in Palm Desert. So we're all alone.
We went bowling for our zone activity on Monday and that was an interesting experience. I don't know what happened, but I suddenly am very terrible at bowling. It was still a good time though. That was when all the fires started too. Good times.
On Tuesday we tried an English fast.( meaning she and her  companion would not speak English) That lasted until we got out of our apartment and were back in America. It's always interesting when we start talking to people in Spanish and they just reply with, "I speak English." insulted or not. Excuse me for trying to speak the language you're probably more comfortable with. I know I'm not with yours.
I can't even think about all the stuff that happened this week. I'm sorry, I'm a little spacy. I just keep thinking about transfers and the fire. (Ok, now I think I might just live her dream, just a little nervous, but I checked and the fire is now 85% contained and I know members would take care of her.)
This was a super good week. All together we had 13 lessons which is the most I've had since I've been here. We're trying to see members a lot more now so that's always fun.
I'm really sorry this email is a little short and I probably won't write a hand written letter because I don't think I'll have time to today. I'm just exhausted. This whole heat thing is really getting to me. And it was humid this week. What's that all about? I thought I was in the desert.
How're Kara and Rhina doing with their mission papers? Anyone else decide to serve a mission? How's the branch doing? I sometimes just want to come home so I can help the missionaries. It's a little hard when the ward doesn't work to help the missionaries but now that we gave talks on missionary work and all that jazz, the branch(in CA) is super excited.
Hope all is well in Iowa and Utah!
Hermana Myers

I realized all my pictures were of the fire and a giant bug(sorry I couldn't find the bug ones on my gmail so I will try and remember when I get home)... so I took some of me.

Don't worry, the bright yellow is the sunset, not the flames.


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