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Monday, June 10, 2013

I Am So Proud of My Little Hermana!

Well family, your next email will state as to whether or not my mission plaque is accurate. Woot! (She may be in the part of the mission that is split off to a new mission)
Also, if you wouldn't mind sending out my bright orange hat, we have zone activities on P-Day outside and I would greatly appreciate it. 
I'll try my best to recap the week: (she forgot the newscast when she was on tv.  A sister in CA called me to let me know Hermana Myers and her companion were interviewed on the KESQ News but they didn't have a newsfeed to watch on the website.)
On Monday we had our first zone activity and it was a blast! Sadly, nothing else really came out of that day.
On Tuesday we went over to our investigator's house (Valerio) to try to figure out why he wants us to come back because he wasn't really progressing and it's always hard to have a lesson with him. Usually he's super hard to understand, talks really fast, get's way off track and then makes fun of us for not knowing what he's talking about...  So we were trying to figure out whether or not to actually keep teaching him. We were as bold as we could be in our broken Spanish and we decided to keep teaching him.
We went to the temple on Tuesday as a zone. It was great! There was a moment in the Celestial room when we were all in there together and about half of us realized it and smiled at each other. Good times.
Sadly nothing really happened during most of the week. It was in the 110s the whole week so no one wants to do much of anything, and we don't blame them. I think the hottest it got was 118? Fun!
On Friday we had a lesson with Valerio again.  We actually had a pretty focused lesson about the Plan of Salvation. I usually get scared teaching the Plan of Salvation just because I like to over complicate things and the Plan of Salvation can easily be over complicated, but we didn't! And it was good! He seem like he really got a lot of it but he was pretty stuck on the fact that no one really practices what they preach. I tried to tell him over and over that the point is that we try our hardest and the times when we might not make it all the way, that's when we can really use the Atonement... but he kept interupting me. But it was pretty good, none the less.
 On Saturday we had a lesson with a mother and daughter. The mother's name is Evelia and the daughter is Chelsea. Oldly enough, Evelia is extremely receptive and loves everything we teach her and Chelsea is the extremely Catholic one. Usually it's the other way around. But we were teaching them about the Restoration and Evelia got everything. And she was asking about the cross-references and how to use them so she could understand the Book of Mormon better. And we also had to clarify that Alma is a man because apparently her husband left her for a woman named Alma. Awkward. Also, we send little scriptures to our investigators every night as a form of daily contact. Evelia was telling us about how one of our scriptures (D&C 6:36) came just in time because she was having a really rough time. The Church is true. I really wish that I could tell you more in depth of how our lessons go but I really don't know what to say. And a good chunk of the time I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on.
On Sunday we had a member from the Thermol ward come with us who was a fluent Spanish speaker and she just got back from her mission in November. She was super helpful! We did two harvesting blessings with her (I don't remember if I told you what those are. It's when we talk to the family about their needs and then as representitives of Jesus Christ, we leave a blessing with them. I believe the Elders actually do a priesthood blessing kind of thing, I've never actually witnessed it... but we just pray for them right there. It's great) Then we had another lesson with Valerio. Like I said, he likes to make fun of us because we don't understand everything, and he said that to her and she stood up for us a little bit. I got more frustrated in that lesson than I ever have. So much that I cried. Not only did I have a horrible time trying to understand Valerio (of course I understood every word Angie said, not Valerio) but I also had a horrible headache to the point where I would look at Valerio and my eyes wouldn't even register that I was looking at him. No bueno.
So that was my week. Sorry it hasn't exactly been spactacular. We'll try to be more interesting this week :).
Much love,
Hermana Myers

 She got her quilt!
Zone p-day

Redlands California Temple
Zone temple day

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