"The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly and independent 'till the purposes of God have been accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done." -Joseph Smith

Monday, June 3, 2013

Found a Format That Seems to Get More Info

This week I decided in my email to Hermana Myers I would ask questions and leave space for answers.   We the answers weren't too long (more like her Dad than Mom in that area)but fulfilling.  So my questions will be in italics and her answers will follow.  At the end of my letter to her I also copied and pasted some emails I received from some of you with nice things about Hermana Myers, thus the shout out to our friend Christina and Sister Argyle, her helper at the temple. Oh and I also included some info I gathered about her friend Mallory who had a baby.  I guess I forgot to gather the name so Mallory if you read this please email her.

So will you get to see all your buddies from the MTC and find out where they are now on temple day, the 4th and transfer day on the 15th? 
I actually don't know who I'll see tomorrow because we go to the temple by zones (usually one or two at a time) so I don't know 1. Who we're going with and 2. Who's in what zone. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess. However, on the 15th we're having a huge conference in Marino Valley and that's when we'll find out who's staying in the mission or not. Woot woot. Exciting stuffs.
Do you know where any of them are now? How about Hermana Fogg, where is she from in IN and where did she live in Iowa, have you asked yet?
I know that Hermana Edwards is with Hermana Fogg's companion from the MTC but I don't know where, Elder Twitchell is with Elder Green (I know his brother Weston from school) but again, don't know where, Hermana Stevenson is in Yucaipa (sp?) and Hermana Hartling is near Corona. Hermana Fogg is from Indianapolis and lived  in Norwalk, Iowa.

What about your investigators? Although it seems many of your stories are funny we won't mind hearing spiritual ones as well. I am sure the language is a struggle but I am confident you can grow and learn and do what you need to to help the spirit convert people.
The thing about our investigators is we never see them, as hard as we try. They bail all the time so I would tell you stories, but I really don't have that many, if any. We did commit one to baptism on the 22nd of June... I think? She didn't seem too sure but she said yes...
However there was this one lady on Saturday night that we gave a harvest blessing to that was AMAZING!!! Too bad she speaks English so we had to give her to the Elders. Her name is Brandi and she is 66. She just had a major surgery where they practically took off her face. She died on the table and she said that she pretty much had a vision of someone pushing her back as she was trying to go forward, then she saw two silouettes (sp?) walking towards her. Anywho, she made it through, obviously, but when we were walking towards her to talk to her she just said that we looked like angels. After the blessing she said that now, she would never have a doubt that there is a God and that He loves her. The elders that we gave her to went and talked to her on Sunday and I guess she called us her guardian angels. She's on date to be baptized on the 15th of June.

Are you learning anything from your scripture studies? Share!
I learn lots of things. I'm just reading through the Book of Mormon so it's just things that I didn't realize before, like, ya know, the chronology of it. And that Abinadi glowed.

Did you ever eat the menudo? Sandi read me your letter to her about the cricket and iguana but I wasn't sure if you had be served the menudo or not?
I thought I said that I didn't have menudo... And sorry I totally forgot about the cricket. I was sad. Also, Hermano Cardoso (the one that feeds us funny foods) has these little, itty bitty peppers that he had us try yesterday. It then turned into a competition between me and Hermana Fogg of who could eat the most. We both stopped at four and thought we were going to die.

Are you driving now, do you switch off or are you just copilot?
I can't drive until my first 6 weeks are over. But once they are, if me and Hermana Fogg stay together, then we'll just switch off.

Is the GPS working well for you? Did the camera make it?
The GPS is working like a dream, as is the camera, thank you! But we didn't get any pictures :( 

Did you feel the earthquake on Wednesday the 29th? It was only a 4.6 and you were 233 miles away so maybe not.
I remember feeling an earthquake. I don't think it was that one though. It was before Hermana Chevalier left and the one you're talking about was after.
Anything else we can send you?
Well the name of Mallory's baby would be nice :).
Today we had a zone activity and it was so. much. FUN!!! Also, we have a mini missionary for a week. Guess who speaks less Spanish than we do. Yup. Her. It's a good time :).
We do have OYMs in our mission but we just keep track by if you got 10 a day or not. Once we get our 10 we stop keeping track but good for him!(OYM is Open Your Mouth, her friend Elder Packham lead his zone in the Montana Billings Mission last week in OYM's)
As far as letters go, I'll probably just keep emailing you because I always say more in my emails anyway. I don't like writing that much... but I love receiving letters! And emails. So whatever.
Much love,
Hermana Myers

Oh yeah. Guess who got Disney CDs and jams to that in the car. Oh yeah, me, Hermana Fogg and Hermana Flexmen (our mini). Like a couple of bosses

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