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Friday, May 3, 2013

She is just Radiant!

It was such a long wait today for email but as you will read in Hermana Myers' letter missionary schedules have been changed due to semester change at BYU.  So you also understand some of her email, this is what I had written to her:

"As far as the airport call, we have decided we will just wait until Sunday, Mother's Day and chat. That way everyone will be here and everyone can share in the fun. Hope that isn't too much of a disappointment but if you and I spoke from the airport you may not have enough material to entertain everyone on Mother's Day. This way the excitement can build!"

And she said before her mission that she wouldn't have much to say on Mothers' Day because she would only have been in the California for a few days.  How six weeks in the MTC can change a person! Love it!

Also to explain another part of the email, the elder, now Brother Christiansen can be seen on "The District" on BYUtv. 

Here is the email:

Okay. So. I have lots to say and only a little time to say it in because I spent most of my time with pictures. Sorry.
I told my companions about how you didn't want to send the phone due to not having anything to say on Mother's Day and they said that if I wanted, I could just use their phones because they both have over 200 minutes on theirs. I want to call you at the airport anyway, just so then I can talk to you for sure there, then the days leading up to Mother's Day won't be as stressful, ya know? I still plan on calling on Mother's Day but just in case.  Pluss I will have more stuff to say on Mother's Day because it will have been my first week in the field. As far as travel plans go, we have to be at the travel office at 7:30 Tuesday morning. 
So on Wednesday I got to host. It was so much fun! Mostly because I stole Hannah Gunson from a girl and hosted her instead. It was funny! And so good to see her!
Yesterday we had In-Field Orientation and that was fun/super long. But fun fact: So you know Elder Christiansen from The District? Yeah, guess who works at the MTC now. I'll give you a hint. It's him. AND he was the teacher for one of our sessions. AND he made me cry. I don't know if you know this, but I absolutely hate the sound of balloons popping. HATE it. and guess what. I decided to sit right in the very front of this particular class where part of the object lesson involved Elder (now Brother) Christiansen would pop a balloon unexpectedly...in. my. FACE. So it scared the living day lights out of me so I cowered in a little ball and cried for a good 5 seconds while he popped another. Then I hear (over the microphone he had on),"Oh no! I think I scared the Sister more then I scared you(talking to the elder that was holding the balloons when they popped)." I regained my composure and the lesson went on. Then when we were watching a short movie he came over and apologized to me, at which point I laughed and said that it was fine and that I just hated balloons. It wasn't his fault. He apologized again as I was leaving to go to the next break-out session. Good stuff.
THEN!!! (and my companions still haven't forgiven me for this) I volunteered us to be in a short sketch that they were doing about missionary work for orientation. I was a relief society president and Hermana Hartling was a primary president. Hermana Stevenson got out of it. This is where I got to run into Brother Christiansen AGAIN because I was supposed to stand up, say, "Hugs for everyone!" and go around and hug the sisters then try to get the "elders" in the sketch. Brother Christiansen was the "ward mission leader" so he interfered. It was really funny. So between those two experiences, I either get comments now along the lines of, "Oh! You were in the play! Good job!" or "Oh, are you really scared of balloons?" Yes... yes I am.
Due to the spring semester starting, we got a totally new schedule. I am all sorts of messed up right now. And we got a new teacher. She is probably the most energetic and smiley person I have ever met. She is amazing and I love her. She takes us on fieldtrips around the MTC. Win.
Today I start my packing. Oh mah gosh. I have so much stuff. This is rediculous. I'm really sorry. I thought this email was going to be longer buuut it's not. It has funny stories though so I feel okay about it.
I will talk to you on Tuesday!
Hermana Myers
Hermana Myers at the Famous MTC map pointing out CA Riverside and then the companion shot with Hermana Hartling and Stevenson 
Map and temple pictures with her district
The sign reads: "I'm Trying Hard to Grow so Please Don't Walk on Me"
That is how Hermana Myers feels too.
The stream of missionaries going to the temple and those with a flair for the dramatic!
This uncomfortable elder was a friend from an acting class at BYUI, Elder Clawson
These next photos are before and after:
 Senior Prom 2011 vs. MTC 2013

Girls Camp 2011 vs. MTC 2013
Friends do make a difference!

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