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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Heart is so Full of Joy for Hermana Myers

Anyone that knows Hermana Myers can only envision her  as she experiences  what she writes about.  I just can't get the smile off my face and my heart is just so warm and fuzzy.  I didn't even expect to get an email about the legendary Mothers' day call/skype but here it is.  Hope you enjoy it as much as her family does:

Guess what.... I'M IN CALIFORNIA!!!! Guess what else... I'M IN A TRIO AGAIN!!! Guess what else else... I'M IN THE DESERT!!! Desert Springs, to be exact. I don't know the name of my branch though, lo siento. I love it here though. It's sooo pretty! The mountains are big, there are literally palm trees and stuco houses EVERYWHERE and We've been out for about an hour and already got canceled on by two investigators and to make matters ever better, our phone started malfunctioning and won't stop starting up... it just keeps restarting itself. BUT I love it!! My "trainer" is 6 weeks into the field and her trainor (my other companion/my other trainer) goes home in two and a half weeks. My companion that has only been out for 6 weeks is basically my twin. We both have short brown hair, we both go to BYU-I, she is a music major but is thinking about switching after a semester, she was born and raised in Iowa then moved to Indiana, I was born in Indiana, raised there a little bit, then ended up in Iowa, and she looks just like Hannah Gunson. Crazy.
Real quick before I forget, on Mother's Day, we will be on Skype around 5:00 California time (so 7:00 your time). If you could send me a letter with your Skype address or just use mine, that would be swell.... Hopefully I remember mine...
I surived my first day and am trying to survive my second. I only say survive because I'm still a little airsick from yesterday and my companion drives like a Californian so I get car sick every time we're in the car. Speaking of California drivers, I am turning into Polly. I had to take the driving test yesterday and if she thinks Utah drivers are bad, they haven't got a thing against California drivers. I thought we were all going to die. I had about 5 heart attacks on the way from the airport, not to mention we got lost. It was pretty funny. I don't really have much else to say, I want to save some for Sunday. I just wanted to let you know that I'm safe and loving California!
Con amor,
Hermana Myers

Forgot to mention: because we have so little sister missionaries and so many coming in, guess who gets to be a trainer next transfer. Yup. Me. No pressure.

After doing a little searching, I think she is Desert Hot Springs and I think that will place her in the Aqua Caliente Branch which meets in Palm Springs!

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