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Friday, April 5, 2013

An Amazing Week

Here is Hermana Myers first email and honestly we didn't have her email address so we sent her letters via Dear Elder and we are only supposed to send one a week.  lydia.myers@myldsmail.net

I would say from this letter she is comfortable with being at the MTC and with her companions and loves to feel the Spirit. As parents we couldn't ask for anything more.

Well thanks for the emails, everyone ;).
So today was the first P-Day! I finally got to email and I come to find out that I don't have any. Woot. Just kidding. So about my first week. I would divide it into one day, but they all blend together so I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to say what comes to mind. Here we go:
I don't remember when I wrote you last and what all I said so sorry if there's repeats.
My trio is pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself. We had a pretty rough lesson our second lesson, but we bounced back and did really well. We didn't commit her to baptism but none of us felt prompted to do so so I think it was a success. There was one lesson where she just unloaded all of her family problems on us and we were just silent for a good five minutes. It was amazing. Then this last time (we're done teaching her now) she was saying that she couldn't forgive her father for everything he did to their family and then I put on my big girl pants and told her that I don't want to hear that she can't forgive her father because she can. I know she can and with the help of Jesus Christ, she will be able to forgive her father no matter what he did. It was intense but good. Then Hermana Stevenson had a really good scripture that went along with that and she just did the whole liken-the-scriptures-unto-yourself thing and the Spirit was so strong it was crazy! But then we slipped up a bit. We wanted to have her pray with us to ask Heavenly Father for help to forgive her father and we all knelt down but there was a mistranslation and we thought we were asking her who she wanted to say the pray and not to have her say the prayer. She asked Hermana Steveson to do it and we just let it go when we should've corrected the mistake and had her do it. But whatevs. In class today we're supposed to have a guest that's a new teacher but I'm pretty sure it's her. So that'll be... awkward.
Mom, I do not need all those books. I got about 10 lbs. worth of books when I got here and I really don't need any more. I do, however, would very much like some Tylonol, colored pencils, black tights and anything else (sweets) you feel (sweets) might make me happy (sweets and more sweets). It's funny, so much stuff has happened this week but now that I'm here at a computer, I'm having a hard time thinking of what to say. Easter was so amazing. Talk about spiritual overload. We had Missionary Conference in the morning and Bishop Causse spoke and that was awesome. Then we had Sherri Dew at devo that night which was thuper awesome and then we watched Character of Christ by David A. Bednar which was funny and amazing. My mind was blown. So good. I did join the choir, not in time to be in Conference though but no big deal.  It's fun. The choir director is really funny and actually reminds me of what I would imagine Elder Cropper will be like at that age. Speaking of the Croppers, I see Elder Cropper all the time. We're on the same schedule for the most part as far as food goes so I always see him. I don't see Sister Cropper much, if at all which makes me sad because I miss her lots. The most I've gotten to talk to her is about five minutes in passing but that's okay. I've also seen a good friend of mine, Elder Clawson, from my acting class and The Poor of New York. It was really funny because we were in the cafeteria and Hermana Hartling went to go get cereal before I saw him but when I did I ran up to him to go talk to him and Hermana Hartling was surprised because I guess they were having a little chat by the cereal dispenser. I've also seen Elder Cleveland who was an electrician with me at school and we got a picture together. I got one with Elder Cropper too. I still need to get one with Sister Cropper but all is well. Speaking of pictures, I have a lot I want to send you but my cord doesn't really work with the computers here and I don't have a card reader so at some point I'm going to use Hermana Hartling's. Right now it's down in the laundry room (hopefully) with Hermana Bates and Hermana Edwards or I would use it. Feel free to send me one of those too, if you want.
P.S. I absolutely love my district! The Hermanas are all so funny and we have a good time. Hermana Edwards is adorable. And she's like me where she has the funniest little comments to say about things. Hermana Bates is probably the quietest out of all of us and I feel bad for her sometimes when we're getting ready for bed and we all can't stop laughing but she's actually doing well at it. Hermana Hartling is great. Between her, Hermana Steveson and me, we always are smiling for something stupid/awkward that one of us did. Hermana Stevenson is great. She always has these little gems of comedy when she says something that she doesn't mean to be funny but ends up being one of the funniest things that any of us has ever heard. We're starting to make a quote book for the little funny things everyone says. We have so much fun. But we're still focused, don't worry. The Elders are great! We have Elder Hafoka who is hilarious! He's Hawaiian so he goes up to all the of the people that look remotely Samoan and just starts a conversation with them and it's like they're best friends. He also has the funniest little sound effects that he makes. Elder Twitchell tries to play jokes on everyone but he's a horrible liar so he never really succeeds but it's funny. Elder Burbidge is the youngster. He's only 18 and we give him a hard time sometimes, all in good humor, of course. Then there's Elder Serdar. He's our district leader and at first we all thought he was this quiet, perfect kid but he is probably one of the most sarcastic persons I have ever met. He is so funny!
Also, we didn't get moved up to intermediate Spanish and I am so happy about that one. That is all.
Well that's been my life for the last week. I hope you find it entertaining because I sure do.
Much love,
Hermana Myers

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