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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bitter Sweet Concern

I have debated whether to share Hermana Myers entire letter because of the personal nature, but she has been careful in the past with a few things to mention when something is too personal to post. I also feel sometimes we only share the happy times of our missions which doesn't shed light on the numerous times you feel inadequate, frustrated and alone. I know many of you that read this already pray for the missionaries and for Chloe specifically but we would appreciate that even more at this time. Really it sounds like she is dealing with things in an appropriate and effective way and we shouldn't get worried or concerned, but as parents our hearts are draw out to her.

Here is her email:

So to start off, I have a bit of a confession to make.
I've been dealing a lot my whole mission with stress and it got to the point where this last week I had a full blown panic attack. I'm fine now, the zone leaders came over and gave me a blessing but I will be recieving counseling from LDS Family Services. Hopefully that'll help get me back into shape so I can finish these next 6 months.
Other than the panic attack, this week was pretty good! I did get the package of puppy chow. Uncle Rhod and Aunt Shannon sent me a Valentine's Day package too. I got a letter from Sister Meyer saying she went to a ward down in Phoenix, AZ and that a newsletter was passed around and on the bottom it said they had an Hermana Santiago out in the California Redlands mission. She asked me if I knew her. I lived with her for a few weeks. So much fun! Love her! Also, Mom, wasn't Marcy Zabriskie one of your mission companions?(yes she was) I know I've heard that name before but I don't remember why, I just know she's one of your friends. Anywho, I'm sure you know that she had an article published in the February Ensign, funny story about that... Hermana Stevenson was trying to find a good article in the Ensign for our English class to read and she found one that she really like (it was Marcy's). I started to read it and liked it, then I looked at who wrote it and yelled, "OH MY GOSH!!! MY MOM KNOWS HER!!!!" It was funny. P.S. This happened the same day that Sister Meyer wrote about Hermana Santiago. It was an interesting day.
Our new investigator Cassandra (formerly known as Angelica) came to church!! And funny story about that and the power of fellowshipping: So Cassandra came with Hermana Martinez (the member she lives with) and they stayed for sacrament and Gospel Principles. Then Hermana Martinez got up after Gospel Principles and started telling us that they had to leave for some reason or another... I don't really even remember what, but then one of the sisters, Hermana Rodriguez, came and interupted and said, "Hi Hermana! The Relief Society President specifically asked me to come and give you the Welcome to Relief Society and ask you to come sit with me, so would you mind coming and sitting with me over here?" Hermana Martinez didn't really know what else to do so she sat down next to her and Cassandra got to stay for Relief Society. Awesome! She really liked it! Yay!  We're going to try to get her on date this week!
Funny story from yesterday. We had both of the Fontana zones over to Brother Wilden's house (he's the high counselor over missionary work in our stake). There were probably 40 missionaries crammed into their living room, right by the front door. We were listening to President Seares (stake president) talk about how music brings the Spirit when there was a knock at the door. Guess who it was. If you guessed a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses, you'd be correct. Their worst nightmare, a room full of LDS full-time missionaries. Hilarious. President Seares jumped up and ran out the door and started asking them if they could come in so we could sing to them. They made excuses and got away, but we all had a good laugh about it after.
One last thing, the missionaries get to participate in "From The Hill Cumorah". I don't know if you've ever heard of that but it's kind of a reader's theatre about the Book of Mormon . Yup. We get to sing in the finale. Holla! I'm so happy! I think Heavenly Father knows I need some theatre release. I got to go help with Redlands, My Redlands and now this. I'm so grateful!
I think that's everything! Don't worry about the stress thing though, I am feeling better and I think the counseling will go a long way.
Much love!
Hermana Myers

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