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Monday, January 6, 2014

Making Friends

Dear Family,
Based on the temperatures I just read(let her know how cold it is in Iowa -16 with wind chill of -45), I've decided to stay in California for forever. But not really.
Hurray for no more debt! Hurrah for Chloe having a car in Rexburg! Would you like me to start making payments on it like Polly and Dan did for the Corolla? Eh, cross that bridge when I get there.
Last I heard from Kara was she emailed me the day she went through the temple. I wasn't able to write her because I didn't have anything to write with or on... but I'll write her this week.

That's awesome that the new missionary knows Chandler! I haven't gotten those letters with encouraging words yet, but that's okay. I also was looking through an old Liahona the other day and President Condi was in it. I laughed and took a picture. (the new missionary serving in our branch came from serving in the same ward as a guy-friend of Chloe's from BYUI.  We always chuckle because Chandler went to the temple with Chloe, for friendly support not to marry and the temple president, Spencer Condie, thought they were an item and told Chandler "no mushy letters, just ones filled with encouraging words")
Really my personal goal for missionary work for this year is to make as many friends as I can. I had talked to President a little about the area after the mission conference and he told me that I'm here to make friends. Alrighty, President, I shall make friends. So that's really my only goal right now. Or the general goal, I guess. We have our own individual and companionship goals that we come up with during comp inventory. 
Before I forget, I'm planning on sending some boxes home of stuff I don't really need right now (extra clothes, Christmas stuff, souvenirs) all that jazz that I don't want to carry around from transfer to transfer.
Hermana Ortiz came to church!! and Hermano Curiel tried to come... but he accidentally went to the Pioneer ward instead because of the time change. Oops. Didn't understand a word. Our bad for not telling him.
Other than that this was a pretty ordinary week.
Love you all!
Hermana Myers

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