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Monday, December 23, 2013

Guess We Will Hear All About Her Week On Wednesday!

Hola Familia!
So... sorry, this email is going to be alittle short because I didn't do very well with writing all the stuff down that happened this week like I usually do, but I'll talk to you on Wednesday so I don't feel too terrible :).
I did get both my packages! The stockings are adorable! Sister Harris really loves all her gifts. Some of the stuff fell out of the stockings (mugs, Martinelli's, one of the wrapped gifts) but we just put them under our tree. We're having a big zone breakfast Christmas morning and opening presents together!
I knew Carter was smarter than me...
I am growing my hair out. I thought I told you that... Me and Hermana Fogg have been in competition to see who can grow it out the longest since July. I'm thinking it may just last 'till the end of my mission, though. I miss my short hair.
My memory card isn't full yet, but I'll probably send a package home before transfers just in case I do get transfered. I think I may start sending a little bit home every now and then of stuff I want to keep but don't necessarily need while I'm on my mission so packing for transfers is a little easier.
I actually got a Christmas card from the Mullers! It made me super happy! I'm excited to write them back today!
I think that's all...
Look who I saw at church on Sunday. Funny how I ended up in her hometown, serving in the same building as her home ward. I miss this girl.(Mel her former roommate at BYUI)
Mel and Hermana Myers in Redlands
And all of you!
See you on Wednesday! Oh, we moved Skype time to 2:00 our time. I hope that's okay. I'll be going first but I'll call right before just in case. See you then!
Hermana Myers

Can't wait for Christmas at 4 our time!

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